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Looking for free teaching materials?
Are you looking for inspiration, or a great activity, animation or simulation to use in your teaching for the upcoming semester with NO COST for you or your students? Open Educational Resources (OERs), are available for you to use! More)
Making Videos in PowerPoint - Flexible Learning Part 2
Today's adventure in flexible learning takes us to a tool many of us are familiar with: PowerPoint.   Many of you regularly use PowerPoint in lectures, meetings, workshops or tutorials, but did you know with PowerPoint you can help you create pr (More)
Quick tips - Flexible learning part 3
Today's tip around flexible learning and teaching is around developing your presence in the course.   When you are teaching in a class room, students have the opportunity to see you and 'get a sense' of you during the lectures, tutorials and pos (More)
Looking for student projects? Flexible learning part 5
Today we will explore options to enable international online partnered learning experiences. Are you looking for projects for your students? Riipen brokers industry placements for university students. The platform wo (More)
What is Collaborate Ultra - Flexible learning part 4
Collaborate Ultra is a real time video conferencing tool that enables users to add files, share applications, conduct polls and use a virtual whiteboard to interact. This tool, can be used to enable dynamic interactivity for online students. Collab (More)
Solutions Lab 13 - Time Saving Tips for Teaching Online
Jess Danaher's (School of Science) courses follow flipped and blended models, ideal for online environments. In this session, Jess took us through her toolbox of time-freeing hacks. She gave a crash course on the simple editing software she uses t (More)
New Canvas feature: Teams Meeting integration
You may have heard Microsoft Teams (the collaboration platform) is now available from within Canvas. The Microsoft Teams integration is now available within your Canvas course, but before you expect too much -  It is just for creating More)
Think Pair Share
A common way to engage students and create discussion in a class is a think- pair-share activity. To get it started you need: a question prompt clear instructions   The question: The question should be something more than just a (More)
Supporting students
To support students throughout the semester there are many opportunities to engage with students. Announcements: You can plan out your announcements, introducing weekly topics, focusing on skills or resources require assessments or additional s (More)
Sustainable Course design.
When developing resources for online delivery there are some strategies you can easily implement which improve the experience for your students. This include things like Not including dates on files Consider using version numbering rathe (More)
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