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When to use the WordPress platform

RMIT’s official web platform is Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). RMIT’s WordPress network is best used for associated websites of the following types:

Labs, Research and Academic projects associated with RMIT, but not part of RMIT’s core business. This grouping covers off experimental and innovative work by research labs, which are often collaborations between individuals and institutions which are outside of RMIT

[note: If there any issues, we do not currently have staff available to fix them. When using the official RMIT system (AEM) our Digital Communications team can provide dedicated support to updating and improving your pages. When building websites with WordPress, we do not have the ability to provide detailed analytics on how and when people are interacting, limiting our ability to provide valuable advice to improve performance.]



How to apply for a new WordPress site

You will need to document:
The goals of your new website
Who the target audience is
Lifespan of the website
Your business objective

RMIT WordPress websites have the address:
Your sitename should include only lowercase letters and numbers, with no spaces. Check that the name you want is not already in use.

Please send a New Website Proposal to get started.

Building your WordPress site

Visit the Edublogs community for guidance and tips on building your WordPress site.

For any technical assistance please contact RMIT service desk

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