Attempt No. 2 at Covid Data Sonification

Yesterday’s first attempt at sonification of covid daily cases by country proved to be too difficult for people to interpret, since it is only with substantial training or experience that people learn to make rapid attentional shifts when listening to music. So version 2 loops through countries at each time step.

Here is today’s version of China vs USA covid daily cases.

Here’s the one I posted yesterday again.

Now that I’m using adjacent notes for each country I can add more countries without it getting confusing. Here is US, Spain and China in one sonification.

(Note this data still only goes up to 11 April.)

Data is source from Our World in Data.


First attempts to sonify Covid-19 data

While medical researchers try to learn more about Covid-19, how to vaccinate against it and how to reduce its severity, data scientists are producing models of its spread, extracting information from repositories of medical research, or exploring data in different ways.

While looking at some of the graphs that have been published I thought I would try to apply my version of sonification. Here’s my first attempt, which converts daily new cases in China and the USA into notes sung by

If I get time I may extend this idea. Visual graphs don’t capture the horror of the rising curve, but a voice can. Stay tuned for the next update.