The following form will serve as your template and guide to preparing to teach concurrently online. 

Lesson Plan Template (Class Name) Date: 19/03/2021 Time: 9.00am 

  •  Reminders, news, updates, help and advice! Time to engage and create dialogue with students
  • RECORD the class 
Welcome (10 minutes )

  • Class procedures – cameras always on, sound muted, raise hand to speak 
  • Any questions?  
Recap of previous class (10 minutes)

  • Consider doing this as a call-in beat the buzzer style quiz or in Teams Forms 
  • Reminder include students from all locations 
  • Discuss any questions or concerns raised in the Canvas discussion page  
Topics covered today (10 minutes)

  • Outline today’s class and learning outcomes covered 
  • Anecdote relating your experience to the day’s lesson 
  • Add notes …. Build strategies to…include all students 
Assessment overview (10 minutes)

  • Always explain the assessment (share the Assessment Briefand discuss the rubric and grading before assessment. 
  • Allow a Q&A post assessment 
  • Add your notes
Organise breakout rooms and chats between students from all locations, potentially group assignment teams (25 minutes)

  • During this time, you should have some time with each group
Class exercise (40 minutes)

  • Develop a series of videos to be inserted into the lesson, could be filmed on your phone at a relevant industry event, display, gallery etc. 
  • Allow students to submit videos of interest. 
  • If the session can be; informative, entertaining and fun – do it, reading and other exercises can be built into the week’s activity in Canvas. 
  • Reminder address all students 
End of session (10 minutes)

  • Recap the key takeaways from the session 
  • Questions 
  • Encourage use of Canvas discussions 
  • Reminder re assessment due dates 
  • Preview next weeks work and readings that needs to be completed before the session 
5 minutes to spare 


How will you run each session?  

If Canvas is set up properly your class time may become more of a Q&A, ideas sharing, prep session that reinforces what is on Canvas.


What should your Canvas shell include? 

  • Assuming your course already meets the 14 Elements, consider updating to include the further 6 Uplift elements 
  • A Canvas course aligned to all or most of the 20 elements will contain all the information for a student to study remotely, then you use concurrent class time to inform, engage and build relationships between you and the students. 
  • Learning outcomes detailed in the shell and aligned to assessments and rubrics.