The student website at RMIT has a lot of information for students about the feedback they should receive, start by familiarising yourself with this page. 


This is a strategy for you to touch base with how the students are going and giving them the opportunity for them to give you some feedback – you can use the information you get to ’tweak’ your delivery, provide extra materials/support – this allows you to identify and address issues early on (and prevent bigger ones). 


You can provide feedback in many ways; class discussions and interaction, during grading (written, recorded), in emails or Canvas messaging, in person or in groups 

Recording Formative Feedback  

When giving feedback on student work in informal/formative setting e.g., critiques, pin-ups project reviews, ask the students to record the feedback session on the phones – allows them to go back over comments madeStudent does not have a phone, no problem, either record it on your phone and send it to them or ask one of their friends to do itThis is helpful for group projects where everyone can hear the same message. 

Mid semester review activity 

 Ask students: Looking back on the semester so far: 

  •  What have you learnt? It often surprises students how much they have learnt, and it gives you a sense of what they are taking up. 
  • What is unclear or needs more explanation? 
  • What would you like to know more about? 
  • Anything else you would like to tell me (in relation to the course)

You can do this in a lecture/tutorial or workshop environment. Or you may want to get the students to get their own ideas down first then discuss them in a small group and then to share their key ideas with the whole group (or collect a summary from each group).