Course Experience Survey (CES) is an online student survey administered by RMIT to all students at the end of each study period for all courses and classes on students’ learning experience. The survey contains 2 parts: 

  • Likert scale questionsstudents are to indicate their agreement with 7 statements (6 teaching related statements and 1 for overall learning experience), against a 5-point scale (i.e. Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree). Responses from the 6 teaching related statements are quantified through the Good Teaching Score (GTS), responses from the overall satisfaction question are quantified through the Overall Satisfaction Index (OSI) 
  • Qualitative questions: students can opt to provide feedback comments on the Best Aspects and Areas of Improvements for the course 


CES gives students the opportunity to provide feedback on their courses and helps to improve the quality of learning and teaching. The CES scores and qualitative comments are useful for teachers to reflect on and enhance their teaching practice.  


When CES opens, the survey link is sent to students’ inbox. They may also access the survey via CANVAS-Student Surveys section. Response rate does matter! Please encourage your students to undertake the survey and try allowing about 10 minutes in-class time to complete it. For more strategies to improve response rates and practical tips to improve GTS/OSI, please visit Understanding CES