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Vietnamese Government Sponsored Project on Agricultural Drones

In recent years, the agriculture sector has been facing challenges in addressing plant diseases, primarily caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Mr Pham Tran Lam Hai, who recently commenced his doctoral studies under DR215 program (Aerospace Engineering), is addressing this challenge by employing novel biological and agricultural engineering solutions.

His research focuses on the design of novel image and video processing algorithms and associated hardware/software components for crop health status monitoring using drones. This research has been funded by the Vietnamese Government’s Ministry of Education and Training under the Vietnam International Education Development Programme.

Specifically, Mr Hai aims to propose a novel method by employing multispectral and hyperspectral data fusion algorithms for identifying powdery mildew in strawberry plants. He is closely working with the supervisory team of Professor Roberto Sabatini (School of Engineering) and Professor Eddie Pang (School of Science) and is planning to test artificially infected plants in the Glasshouse Complex (Bundoora West Campus) and later to validate his algorithms by piloting drones above strawberry fields in Victoria. This project is expected to be applicable across a broader spectrum of detecting diseases in food crops and horticulture.

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