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RMIT research with Thales Australia and Northrop Grumman US

The research at RMIT’s Autonomous and Intelligent Aerospace Systems Laboratory in the School of Engineering is helping machines work better with pilots and air traffic controllers. This research is being conducted with i...

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Micro-Drones for STEM Education

Micro-drones from DJI and Lego are being used in the RMIT Cyber-Physical Systems Group and in the School of Engineering student’s research projects on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education. Th...

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RMIT Human-Machine Systems Research at Land Forces 2018

At RMIT University, we are developing a new class of cyber-physical systems implementing Cognitive Human Machine Interfaces and Interactions (CHMI2). The CHMI2 concept is based on a closed-loop Human-Machine System (HMS)...

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