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Geospatial Data Acquisition and Distribution Systems

In our world, large amount of data are collected every day from disparate sensors both on the ground, in the air and space. To make these large amount of data ultimately useful, it is crucial to have precise geo-referencing. However, this proves to be a challenge because of the limited precision of various navigation technologies. Significant research efforts are committed to enhance the quality of both geo-referencing and of the data collection process itself. Moreover, the sheer amounts of data collected pose significant challenges for the storage, visualisation and analysis. Therefore, research is also looking at distributed and robust computing with uncertain spatial and spatiotemporal information, particularly in the context of mobile, location-aware, and sensor-enabled systems.

Our research group collaborates with the RMIT Satellite Positioning for Atmosphere, Climate and Environment (SPACE) Centre in these areas. Research topics of common interest include:

  • GNSS performance augmentation
  • Geospatial applications of RPAS
  • Space situational awareness and space traffic management
  • Remote sensing and Earth observation
  • Space weather characterisation and modelling
  • Wildfire detection and management
  • Integrated and cooperative positioning
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