GSP-RMITPSG-05: Impacts to Students from Climate Change Events

Project title: Impacts to Students from Climate Change Events

Project aim: To explore the relationship between extreme climate change events on student health, safety and wellbeing. RMIT has identifed there is a gap in understanding of the impacts of severe climate change events on our student population. This project is to further explore RMIT’s understanding of the type and severity of impacts to students as a result of climate change and outline recommendations on how RMIT can assist our students in becoming more resilient. Ideally, the project should go through the Ethics approval process to be able to survey students to get perspective on impacts.  

Industry partner: RMIT University Property Service Group

RMIT Property Services Group (PSG) is responsible for managing the University’s portfolio of properties, valued at $1 billion and encompassing 131 buildings across all of RMIT’s campuses and sites. The University’s land holding is 75.4 ha (186.3175 acres). Part of the Resources portfolio and based on the City campus, Property Services is responsible for operating, maintaining and enhancing all RMIT-owned buildings across RMIT’s onshore campuses (City, Bundoora and Brunswick). Property Services is focused on providing quality and sustainable built environments to support all of RMIT University’s activities.

Image: © Unsplash The roaming platypus
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