Arranging the Internship

Advertising the Role

To apply to host an intern, please submit an outline of the opportunity via our request form.

Students will apply directly to you and you carry out your own recruitment process. As the number of applicants is variable at different times of year, if you do not receive sufficient applications please let us know and we will re-advertise the position.

Selecting Your Student

Students may apply to your opportunity until your nominated close date. Once you have received applications, you may carry out your own selection process. You may choose to interview one or more students or provide a short selection task in order to determine your preferred candidate.

Once you have identified your preferred applicant you can offer the role to the successful student. Unsuccessful applicants should be notified on the status of their application by the host.

Negotiating a Work Schedule

Once a student has accepted your offer, you can arrange a mutually suitable work schedule with them. Students will typically have 80-120 hours available depending on their course and requirements. Internships may be face-to-face or remote, or a combination.

In order to negotiate a work schedule, we suggest asking the student:

  • their total hours available

  • their number of days per week and preferred days

  • the date their hours need to be completed by

You may also advise the organisation’s preferences and negotiate a mutually convenient arrangement.

Various MDIT students, staff and friends at the Knowledge Market, Docklands. Tobias Titz.

Signing the WIL Agreement

Your organisation, the student and RMIT will sign the WIL Agreement. The student will provide you with the Agreement to sign before starting the placement. Start dates, work schedules and location arrangements are recorded in the Agreement. Please familiarise yourself with the terms in the Agreement, including your requirement to provide a safe work environment.

Once we have received the signed WIL Agreement, the internship is promptly approved and recorded by RMIT and the student can commence.

When students complete the total hours of internship specified by their program, the Agreement will end. You may then negotiate future arrangements directly with the student as an employment arrangement.

All arrangements must be in accordance with the Fair Work Ombudsman National Employment Standards. Please visit the Fair Work website for more information.

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