Bachelor of Health, PE & Sport (Secondary)

The fundamental goal of the Bachelor of Health, Physical Education and Sport (Secondary) program is to prepare RMIT students (pre-service teachers) with the professional knowledge and practical skills to teach in diverse school settings. The program has a strong core curriculum with a focus on teaching practice. Pre-service teachers will learn to use a range of teaching strategies that both engage and cater for learner needs, use assessment and data to inform and review practice, and use critical reflection to impact future action in the classroom. This program also aims to prepare our pre-service teachers to work with teaching colleagues and community to enhance the teaching profession.  Through close partnerships with schools and other stakeholders, and a shared vision, the program aims to develop a shared commitment and responsibility to teacher education.

Pre-service teachers will have the opportunity to participate in a range of innovative professional experiences (WIL/placement) within a variety of educational settings that integrate theory and practice. In  third year, pre-service teachers will also have the opportunity to undertake a mentoring role to assist a year one student transition into university and life as a teacher. One key course will provide a capstone experience for final year pre-service teachers. The capstone focuses on enhancing employability skills and easing your transition from student to graduate teacher.

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