GSP-FWA-01: Biogas Modelling and Power Generation at the Kinoya Waste Water Treatment Plant Fiji

Project title: Biogas Modelling and Power Generation at the Kinoya Waste Water Treatment Plant Fiji.

Project aim: To undertake a thorough analysis of gas composition, flow rates and sludge chemistry to determine its suitability for powering either a gas turbine or spark ignition engine to drive a generator (Phase 2 project). During Phase 1 of the project, an understanding of the design data of the existing biogas flare installation was achieved. Performance data of the biogas flare equipment and the data collected on site to determine the types of suitable power generator and potential amount of energy available will be determined in Phase 2.

Industry partner: Fiji Water Authority

Water Authority of Fiji (WAF or Water Authority) is a new Commercial Statutory Authority (CSA). It was established by the Government of Fiji to provide efficient and effective water and wastewater services in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. The WAF Promulgation 2007 was effected for this purpose. The Government of Fiji started reforming the Water and Sewerage Department in 2009. The objective of this reform was to enhance the sustainable delivery of water and sewerage services to appropriate levels of service. The reform aimed at strengthening the then Water and Sewerage Department (WSD) before establishing the Water Authority of Fiji, which is dedicated to the delivery of water supply and sewerage services, autonomous and be able to mobilise the necessary resources to meet the demand, effectively and efficiently at required quality standards. From January, 1, 2010, WAF officially took over responsibilities, functions and operations previously carried out by WSD.

Fiji Suva Nausori water supply sewerage

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