GSP-cKinetics-01: Australia-South Asia Sustainability Tech-tie-up: Market Scoping and Strategy

Project title: Australia-South Asia Sustainability Tech-tie-up: Market Scoping and Strategy

Industry partner: cKinetics is a mission driven Sustainability Insight, Innovation & Capital Advisory firm with offices in New Delhi, India and California, USA. The company works with clients and partners globally to develop solutions that are both sustainable and profitable.

Project aim: To conduct a research about the Australian clean-tech market (i.e. companies that provide sustainability solutions such as sustainable energy or waste-water treatment) and evaluate if they are relevant to Southeast countries.

The research might include:

  • Applicability of the different solutions to the target markets
  • Interests of the solution developers to explore target markets- which would involve interacting with them
  • Market entry strategy for the different solutions (segment/ industry, pricing, approach etc.,). This will entail travel to India to meet different potential customers
  • Possible business model of engagement between cKinetics and the Australian solution providers.The success of the internship would be measured if 1-2 tie ups are facilitated.


  • Be guided by an academic supervisor and gain course credits (12 or 24CPs)
  • Monthly stipend of US$500
  • Internationalise your resume and gain a competitive edge in the global job market
  • Create memories that will last a lifetime.

Work method: 

  • Research for clean-tech companies is mainly conducted in Australia
  • Students are required to pay a field visit to India for 3-4 weeks in the beginning of the project and 3-4 weeks during the end of the project
  • If students enrol in a course for summer semester, they will be supervised by an academic and gain course credits. They will also be provided with support from cKinetics staff while they are in India.

Intern selection criteria: 

  • Postgraduate or Honours students are preferred
  • Self-directed and highly motivated
  • Research skills
  • Experience in conducting marketing campaigns or developing new markets would be desirable.


grenn technology

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