GSP-SV-05: Waste Transport Model

Project title: Waste Transport Model

Industry partnerSustainability Victoria (SV)

Sustainability Victoria supports Victorians to be more sustainable in their everyday life; in homes and in jobs, schools and communities and in the systems and infrastructure that support a thriving Victorian economy and lifestyle. SV aims to improve the way Victoria manages its resources and help communities to take action on climate change. SV provide expert advice and guidance in energy, materials and waste. SV conducts research and demonstrate what is possible and inspires people to make sustainable change above and beyond legal requirements.


SV engaged a consultant to develop a Waste Transport Model as part of the Economic and Transport Analysis for SV.

The model is in Microsoft Excel format.

SV identified a need to determine whether it is more efficient to aggregate materials at one larger processing site, or process materials at separate smaller sites. This model offers insight into the movement of waste and material streams across Victoria, to better plan for waste management and resource recovery.

The WTM is a Microsoft Excel tool, which estimates and maps the flow of materials and the distances and hours spent transporting materials to their respective end points: landfill, resource recovery facilities and end markets.

The model uses data from SV waste data sources and other sources such as ABS datasets.

The Excel version of the model is complex and difficult to use.

Project aim/expected outcomes:

  • A review of the model and of the analysis / assumptions employed in the model;
  • A new user interface to make the model user friendly and simple to understand for our stakeholders;
  • Develop a module to update the datasets in the model;
  • Improved graphical output of the results generated from the model;
  • Recommendation on how to improve the model.


  • Analytics or Data Science students
  • Computer Science students

IMAGE: Thibaud Saintin. Harvest(6). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic Licence.
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