GSP-Rivalea-02: Activated Carbon Filter- Operation Efficiency and Cost Savings

Project title: Activated Carbon Filter- Operation Efficiency and Cost Savings

Industry partner: Rivalea (Australia) Pty. Ltd. is a leading Australian agri-business supplying approximately 20% of the domestic fresh pork market. The company is headquarters is located in Corowa, NSW and there are piggery operations in Corowa, Albury, Deniliquin, Bendigo and St Arnaud in western Victoria. Rivalea also has stock feed mills and meat processing facilities in Corowa and Laverton, Melbourne. Rivalea’s operations are energy intensive both in the milling of feed, rearing livestock and meat processing operations. The introduction of the Federal Government carbon abatement programs and large increases in energy prices in recent years has incentivized the company to build out its own energy generation plant using farm and plant resources. Rivalea recognizes that biogas generated in the waste water treatment lagoons is a potential source of energy in the operations of the farm and processing facilities.

Project aims:

  1. Identify the chemical and biological mechansims causing the reduction in sulphides from micro-air injection.
  2. Identify the optimum percentage mixture of oxygen in biogas to facilitate sulphide removal.
  3. Recommend control parameters of mising rations of air to biogas in a covered anaerobic lagoon including safety considerations.

Project deliverables:

Deliverable Description Initial Timing Estimate
Project plan Project Plan and statement of the problem- activated carbon filters
Milestone 1 Literature review and best practice- activated carbon Filters
Milestone 2 Methodology, collection of data & analysis from Rivalea around  activated carbon filters
Milestone 3 Draft findings- report back to client feedback.
Draft project report Draft project report
Project report Project report.
Presentation Final presentation on the project with accompanying presentation materials.



  • 02 engineering students (environmental/sustainable systems/engineering management)

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