RMIT School of Art Graduate Exhibitions are back IRL at the city campus after two years online 

22–27 November 2022 – School of Art Graduate Exhibition: Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), RMIT CBD Campus, Bowen Street, Melbourne 

 6–11 December 2022 – School of Art Graduate Exhibition: Bachelor of Arts (Photography), Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art Honours), Bachelor of Arts (Photography Honours), Master of Photography, Master of Fine Art and Master of Arts (Art in Public Space), RMIT CBD Campus, Bowen Street, Melbourne  

RMIT School of Art is thrilled to be back on campus for its graduate exhibitions after two years online. Filling buildings across the RMIT City Campus, classrooms and studios have been converted into a maze of galleries filled with creativity, resilience and hope.

“The end of year graduate exhibition has always been a major undertaking and the culmination of our academic year. But 2022 is especially significant. We have not had an end of year graduate exhibition on campus for two years,” said Professor Kit Wise, Dean of the School of Art. “Taking what we have learnt from lockdown, we are augmenting the campus exhibitions with a website of graduate profiles that extends the exhibition with further information about each graduate. IRL+URL!”

Audiences can experience works by innovative art, photography and public space graduates who have emerged through the pandemic with a range of astonishing creative practices. Their works reveal the changing and complex nature of the contemporary art world and the critical importance of independent thinking and creative risk-taking as well as technological and material skills to thrive as practitioners in a complex and changing world.

The first exhibition, 22–27 November 2022, presents Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) graduates. These graduates have specialised in one of the following studio areas throughout their studies: Ceramics, Drawing, Gold & Silversmithing, Painting, Print, Sculpture, Video and Sound.

The second exhibition, 6–11 December 2022, includes graduates from Bachelor of Arts (Photography), Bachelor of Arts (Photography) (Honours) and Master of Photography; Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Honours); Master of Fine Art and Master of Arts (Art in Public Space).

Photography graduates work across the full gamut of photography practice, from those working with photography as an artistic medium, those documenting the world around us, and students whose practice is oriented towards the needs of a client.

Honours students in Fine Art and Photography have focused on a one-year independent studio research project.

Master of Photography, Master of Fine Art & Master of Arts (Art in Public Space) graduates have completed two years of study building their professional and specialised contemporary creative practice.

The School of Art at RMIT is an international site for innovative and diverse art, craft and photographic practices and research. The School is known for its diverse and internationally renowned creative programs led by accomplished artists, photographers and professional staff who strive for excellence in pedagogy, research and innovation. RMIT is ranked number 1 in Australia and 15 in the world for Art and Design (2022 QS Rankings) placing the School of Art in the top echelon of the world’s art and photographic educational institutions.

Visit the website for more details about the campus exhibitions and to explore graduate profiles website:

RMIT School of Art Graduates 2022 website 


For media opportunities including interviews and photography please contact us.

  • Associate Professor Kristen Sharp, Associate Dean, Art
  • Dr Alison Bennett, Associate Dean, Photography

IMAGES: media may use images from the School of Art Graduates website on the condition that you credit any images used with the creator’s name and acknowledge RMIT School of Art:

Hero Image credit: Angelique Joy, ‘Audrey’ (detail) 2021. From the series Earthly delights and the spaces in between. Master of Photography.