Master of Photography

Program Manager: Dr Pia Johnson

Raghav Kumar, ‘Ankita Midha’, from the series ‘The Parting Memory’, 2023, photography walk beside me, 2023

2023 Awards

  • Mikayla De Pasquale

    Mikayla De Pasquale

    NAVA Ignition Award for highest performing in Profession Practice. CELESTIAL TRACE is a photographic exploration that documents solar and lunar phenomena. The research project uses handmade pinhole and mirrorless cameras to capture various durations that span across hours, days, weeks and more …

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  • Raghav Kumar

    Raghav Kumar

    Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence, Master of Photography sponsored by Kayell Australia. ​ NAVA Ignition Award for highest performing in Profession Practice.  ​Seventh Gallery Award. ALL THAT REMAINED ARE MEMORIES: a photographic exploration of Home, Family and Material memory to reclaim more …

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  • Tammy Wu

    Tammy Wu

    B2 Scan Photography Award: analogue merit. SURREAL OF MIRROR is a combined photography project that takes on a personal explorational journey to resolve my sense of loneliness and depression by revealing inner insecurities and self-consciousness. It discusses existentialism through superimposition more …

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2023 Graduates