• Catherine Smith

    Catherine Smith

    CATHERINE’S REEF Through ceramic hand-building, I create sculptures that are heavily textured, painted with bold, bright primary and secondary colours. My ceramic outcome often consists of an installation of sculptural objects grouped to create a larger work. Present-day environmental issues,

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  • Jennifer Pattinson

    Jennifer Pattinson

    LIMINAL In the summer—weather permitting—I tend to sleep with my bedroom window open. Recently, I have been alerted to the presence of ringtail possums by the tell-tale scratching sound of their tiny claws as they run up and down the

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  • Jess Dybing

    Jess Dybing

    Recipient of the Northcote Pottery Award and the RMIT Ceramic Student Association Club Year 3 Award. _________________________________ CLAY, CONTROL AND I. Jess Dybing’s work explores the changing states between flow and matter on the pottery wheel. Whilst the process of

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  • Jing Liang

    Jing Liang

    COMING HOME My art practice explores my deep relationships to people and places. I create artworks that raise questions and expand my perspective in understanding the complexity of an environment, as well as the fragility of life and memory. ‘Coming

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  • Kerrin Samuel

    Kerrin Samuel

    Recipient of the Walkers Ceramics Award. _________________________________ Kerrin Samuel is a multimedia ceramic artist who creates artworks that explore the human experience. She draws inspiration from observations of contemporary culture, politics, geopolitics and religion which she sees as powerful vehicles

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  • Koa Wamsteker

    Koa Wamsteker

    Recipient of the RMIT Ceramic Student Association Club Year 3 Award. _________________________________ Hello! I am an emerging Melbourne-based sculptural ceramicist. I have an expanded ceramic practice utilising hand building, modelling techniques and using emotive surface colouring and treatments. My work

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  • Lexi Appleby

    Lexi Appleby

    THE HUNT This body of work explores personal identity and societal structures through visual narratives and metaphors. Raised in rural Australia, I utilise the ceramic form to create artworks that subvert contemporary notions of value, creating silhouettes that reference working-class

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  • Lily Lindsay

    Lily Lindsay

    Recipient of the RMIT Ceramic Student Association Club Year 3 Award. _________________________________ Lily Lindsay is a ceramic artist who makes both functional and sculptural artworks. Her figurative work uses myth, symbolism, and motifs to express personal memories and lived experience.

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  • Spike Isaacs

    Spike Isaacs

    PEACOCKING is a ceramic exploration into sexuality and the reproductive systems of animals and humans. This year I focused my investigation on the courtship displays shown by certain birds-of-paradise and the seductive body language shown by humans. My research has led

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  • Tahlia Diaz

    Tahlia Diaz

    BENEATH THE SURFACE Tahlia Diaz’s artworks reference nature expressed through the experience of mourning and grief. She has devised a unique form of coil rolling that creates a deteriorated and heavily textured clay surface by carefully assembling the repeated stretched

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