Promoting two school of art graduate exhibitions and a website on social media requires a well-structured schedule that effectively builds anticipation, engages the audience, and provides essential information about the events.  


Please contribute content for the social media campaign

For example, you could document the installation of your work in the lead up to the opening or provide a quote about how you feel about graduating. Email your content and contributions to Dr Alison Bennett, Associate Dean Photography, and Bron Hughes

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U Hei Chan (Leo) @leochanmo, Master of Photography;
Beth Sanderson @beth_sanderson_, Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art);
Bo-dene Stieler, Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art);
Elli Bardas @ellibardas, Master of Fine Art.


Friday 10 November

SAVE THE DATES: only 10 days till the first of our School of Art Graduate Exhibitions Opening nights and award ceremonies:
5pm Tue 21 Nov: Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), RMIT City Campus.
5pm Tue 5 Dec: Photography, Fine Art Honours, MFA & Art in Public Space, RMIT City Campus.

@rmitphoto @rmit_art @rmitstudentlife @rmit_gold_and_silversmithing @rmitceramics @rmit_paintingstudio @rmit.drawingstudio @rmit_print_studio @rmit_mfa @rmit_art_in_public_space @rmituniversity

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Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) images:
Bo-dene Stieler; Emmica Lore; Zina-Lily Carley Rice (zeeen) @zeeeeena; Lucas Jennings @lucasjenningsart; Anthea-Cleary; Mol Stamatellis @_mother.molly_; Aurea-Palmer @pixiedoingart; Joe McIntyre.


13 – 19 Nov: week prior to exhibition 1 

Monday 13 November: BAFA graduate spotlight

Bo-dene Stieler, 'Yellow Corridor', 2023. BA (Fine Arts). Photos: Matthew Wu

‘Look into yellow, feel immersed in colour, anchored when close.

The plane of the wall intersecting through my bodily matter to secure,

tether me to site.’

Before completing the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), Bo-dene Stieler worked in healthcare as a psychiatric nurse. Inspired by the effectiveness of art therapy for her patients, she has a profound belief in the potential of art for expression and connection. During the pandemic, she found herself practising art to understand her relationship and place within the changing city – with the colour yellow remaining a constant connection. 

She believes in taking risks, having taken the leap into art school in her early 30s. “I got so much out of this course. I thought my career path was set. I am so glad I applied! I want to do honours and continue the journey. I want everyone to know that it is never too late to pursue your passions.”

“I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to develop my practice during a semester exchange at Parsons School of Design in New York City in early 2023. Working in expanded painting practices that include sculpture, photography and performance, the colour yellow continues to inspire and guide my explorations.”

“My practice involves site-specific activation of interstitial spaces to reveal and engage with personal and shared histories of site. The connection between liminal space and early abstract theories of form, colour and variable rhythms are explored to better understand spatial perceptions in reconfigured contexts. Furthering my interest in geometric abstraction, colour theory and the dynamism of urban spaces, I explore the intersection between line (as a point in motion) and artistic intervention as an extension of architectural space to uncover forgotten narratives.”

Check out Bo-dene’s site specific installation 21-26 November at the School of Art GRADUATE EXHIBITION: Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) at RMIT city campus. And there are rumours that Bo-dene will be doing a performance at the opening on Tuesday 21 Nov 5:00-8:30

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#rmitgrad23 #rmitart #graduation #gradshow #rmit #art #photography #studyphotography #studyart #studentprofile  

Images: Bo-dene Stieler, Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), Photos: Matthew Mu

Tuesday 14 November: 1 week till opening 

Wednesday 15 November: highlight Dean’s Award 

artwork by Andrew Gunnel

The Dean’s Award goes to the top performing student of each program. In 2023, the award will be commemorated with a certificate featuring work by School of Art academic Andrew Gunnell, ‘Proximity 2 sq.’, 2022. Join us at the opening 5:00-8:30pm Tue 21 November to find out who will receive the Dean’s Award in the Bachelor of Art (Fine Art) program.

@rmit_art @rmitphoto @rmitstudentlife @rmit_gold_and_silversmithing @rmitceramics @rmit_paintingstudio @rmit.drawingstudio @rmit_print_studio @rmituniversity #rmitgrad23 #rmitart #graduation #gradshow #rmit #art #photography #studyphotography #studyart #studentprofile

Thursday 16 November: installation

1 post of students installing works. Include student handles/names in post. Also encourage students to make a timelapse of their install and post online using hashtags.

Students and staff are hard at work installing works for our first Graduate Exhibition featuring the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art). Join us 5pm Tuesday 21 November to celebrate with us! Exhibition continues till 26 Nov; and then we do it all again for the second graduate exhibition featuring Photography, Fine Art Honours, MFA & Art in Public Space 5-10 December.

@rmit_art @rmitphoto @rmitstudentlife @rmit_gold_and_silversmithing @rmitceramics @rmit_paintingstudio @rmit.drawingstudio @rmit_print_studio @rmituniversity #rmitgrad23 #rmitart #graduation #gradshow #rmit #art #photography #studyphotography #studyart #studentprofile

Friday 17 November: profiles website

link to video file

The School of Art Graduate Profiles are now live at
Explore the thinking and process behind the works exhibited in the RMIT School of Art GRADUATE EXHIBITION: Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) 21-26 Nov and GRADUATE EXHIBITION: Photography, Fine Art Honours, MFA & Art in Public Space 5-10 Dec.
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Saturday 18 November: installation

Graduates from the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) have been hard at work this week installing works for the GRADUATE EXHIBITION at the RMIT city campus 21-16 Nov. Join us 5pm Tues 21 Nov to celebrate. Details for details. @rmit_art @rmitstudentlife @rmit_gold_and_silversmithing @rmitceramics @rmit_paintingstudio @rmit.drawingstudio @rmit_print_studio @rmituniversity #rmitgrad23 #rmitart #graduation #gradshow #rmit #art #photography #studyphotography #studyart #studentprofile

Sunday 19 November: graduate spotlight

spotlight 2 on BAFA graduate


Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) graduate Vivian Qiu has lived and studied across three countries: China, Australia and Sweden. Each culture changes her ways of seeing and making. Vivian interweaves the essence of different cultures, while exploring her roots as Chinese, through material research with rice. Wherever Vivian is situated, she observes her surroundings, collecting natural materials or everyday objects that she repeatedly encounters on her wanderings. Utilising soil, fallen leaves, flowers and grass alongside rice, which acts as a binding agent in her work, she molds these found materials into wearable artworks. Her work connects the wearer to place, time, and culture through materials and the ancient symbolism of oracle bone script.

See @vivian_qiu_studio work in the GRADUATE EXHIBITION: Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) at RMIT city campus, 21-26 November 2023.
@rmit_art @rmitphoto @rmitstudentlife @rmit_art_in_public_space @rmit_gold_and_silversmithing @rmitceramics @rmit_paintingstudio @rmit.drawingstudio @rmit_print_studio @rmituniversity #rmitgrad23 #rmitart #graduation #gradshow #rmit #art #photography #studyphotography #studyart #studentprofile

27 Nov – 3 Dec: week prior to exhibition 2 

Monday 27 November: photo graduate spotlights

1 spotlight on a BA Photo graduate – Lulu Bolt – RMIT School of Art Graduates

photo by Lulu Bolt

Lulu Bolt, Bachelor of Arts (Photography) graduate, did a gorgeous project about three friends all called Thomas.
THOMAS explores the concepts of masculinity and identity, as experienced through my friendship with three individuals named Thomas. Through the medium of photography, I explore the dynamics of identity and self-perception. The three Thomases, aged 11, 23, and 76 years old, are not just subjects; they are friends. Our connection serves as the heart of this series. Through this visual narrative, I invite viewers to reflect on their own perceptions of masculinity, to question the stereotypes that often influence identity and growth. […]
Thomas Montgomery, a figure marked by wisdom and the passage of time. He represents a culmination of life experiences. A matured sense of self, free from societal constraints. His portraits convey the wisdom, resilience, and self-assuredness that come with age.” @luluboltsphotos

See Lulu’s work in the GRADUATE EXHIBITION Photography, Fine Art Honours, MFA, & Art in Public Space at RMIT city campus, 5-10 Dec 2023.
@rmit_art @rmitphoto @rmitstudentlife @rmit_art_in_public_space @rmit_gold_and_silversmithing @rmitceramics @rmit_paintingstudio @rmit.drawingstudio @rmit_print_studio @rmituniversity #rmitgrad23 #rmitart #graduation #gradshow #rmit #art #photography #studyphotography #studyart #studentprofile
image: Lulu Bolt, ‘Thomas Montgomery’, 2023, silver gelatin print.

1 spotlight on MOP graduate – Raghav Kumar – RMIT School of Art Graduates

Raghav Kumar, Master of Photography, has created an important and poignant body of work titled: ALL THAT REMAINED ARE MEMORIES: a photographic exploration of Home, Family and Material memory to reclaim my refugee self-identity.

All that remained are memories photographically narrates my lived experience of growing up in a refugee household affected by the Partition of India through intergenerational memory and material culture. This site-specific installation recognises numerous micro-histories within my own family by aesthetically fusing found family archival photographs along with present-day documentary photographs of my ancestral home and my family in India. The series also features 3D renders of family heirlooms holding significant memories of my familial history that got lost within colonial archives.
The poetic arrangement of these photographs along with digitally rendered objects is my feeble attempt to preserve and reconstruct the home from my childhood memories that my grandparents and my parents built. Through the act of making photographs with my parents and my brother I intend to investigate the role of family photography as a memory-keeping medium to document potential histories within refugee family. In this context, photography serves as a means to facilitate intergenerational healing, providing an opportunity for reconciliation between my family’s history and my contemporary self identity.” @raghavkumaaar
See Raghav’s work in the GRADUATE EXHIBITION Photography, Fine Art Honours, MFA, & Art in Public Space at RMIT city campus, 5-10 Dec 2023.
@rmit_art @rmitphoto @rmitstudentlife @rmit_art_in_public_space @rmit_gold_and_silversmithing @rmitceramics @rmit_paintingstudio @rmit.drawingstudio @rmit_print_studio @rmituniversity #rmitgrad23 #rmitart #graduation #gradshow #rmit #art #photography #studyphotography #studyart #studentprofile
images: Raghav Kumar and his academic adviser Dr Torika Bolatagici with his installation of ‘All that remained are memories’, 2023, photograph by Pia Johnson.

Tuesday 28 November: 1 week til opening

RMIT School of Art Graduate Exhibition.

One week till the opening of our second GRADUATE EXHIBITION: Photography, Fine Art Honours, MFA, & Art in Public Space 5-10 Dec 2023. Join us to celebrate the opening 5:00–8:30pm, Tues 5 Dec at RMIT City Campus in Bowen Street, Melbourne. Details
@rmit_art @rmitphoto @rmitstudentlife @rmit_art_in_public_space @rmit_gold_and_silversmithing @rmitceramics @rmit_paintingstudio @rmit.drawingstudio @rmit_print_studio @rmituniversity

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images: Elli Bardas @ellibardas, Master of Fine Art.
 Moqian Wang (Mere), 2023 Master of Fine Art. Photo: Zhichen Zhang.
 Lulu Bolt @luluboltsphotos, Bachelor of Arts (Photography).
 Vivienne Tate, @vivienne.tate, MA (Art in Public Space). Photo: Daniel A’Vard. 
Kara Inez Saheran @karzmarz, Master of Fine Art.
 Raghav Kumar @raghavkumaaar, Master of Photography.
Evangeline Clark @eevee.artsy, Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Honours). Photo: Tim Allen.
Ryley Clarke @ryleyclarke, Bachelor of Arts (Photography) (Honours).
Beth Sanderson @beth_sanderson_, Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Honours).
Yueran Li (Dorly) @dorly_li, Master of Photography.
Henghui Sun @stanley.sun12, Bachelor of Arts (Photography).
Zina Sofer @zissimage, Bachelor of Arts (Photography) (Honours).
Neryhs Wo @neryhs_wo, MA (Art in Public Space).

Wednesday 29 November: highlight awards

Post highlighting the awards that will be presented during the Opening Night & Awards Ceremony 5 Dec. Mention any special guests or judges. 

Thursday 30 November: installation

Share a behind-the-scenes video or photos showcasing students’ preparations for Exhibition 2. 

link to video of 2022 smoking ceremony

The opening of the 2022 graduate exhibitions were powerful events. This video shows moments from the smoking ceremony at the opening of Graduate Exhibition: Photography, Fine Art Honours, MFA, & Art in Public Space, 6 December 2022, by David Tournier, Cultural Heritage Education Language Officer, Boon Wurrung Land and Sea Council.
We invite our community to acknowledge our indebtedness to the traditional custodians of the lands and waters across Australia where we conduct our business. RMIT acknowledges the people of the Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung language groups of the eastern Kulin Nations on whose unceded lands we conduct the business of the university.

The opening night and awards ceremony for the GRADUATE EXHIBITION Photography, Fine Art Honours, MFA, & Art in Public Space at RMIT city campus will take place 5pm Tue 5 December 2023. Campus in Bowen Street, Melbourne. See for details. The exhibition continues 5-10 December 2023. @rmit_art @rmitstudentlife @rmit_gold_and_silversmithing @rmitceramics @rmit_paintingstudio @rmit.drawingstudio @rmit_print_studio @rmituniversity #rmitgrad23 #rmitart #graduation #gradshow #rmit #art #photography #studyphotography #studyart #studentprofile

Friday 1 December: installation

Posts of students installing works 

post about the graduate profiles website

Saturday 2 December: MFA & MAPS graduate spotlights

spotlight on MFA graduate Kara Inez Saheran – RMIT School of Art Graduates

spotlight on MAPS graduate: Victoria Vyvyan – RMIT School of Art Graduates

Victoria Vyvyan, Master of Arts (Art in Public Space), has shared this extract from her work ‘Sanding Away Capitalism’, 2023.
“My practice is inconsistent, uncomfortable, awkward, and dematerialised. It is activist and challenges notions of authorship and capitalism through an approach to art making that promotes the collective above the individual. I propose that an ethics of care and intentional slowness along with the renouncing of authorship are acts of resistance to capitalism. Throughout this research I interrogate my work with collectives and community to develop strategies that focus on an ethics of working with others, and that deepen my practice. I use a range of operations with collectives and community that include dialogue, social practice, video essays, video installations, participatory painting, and photography amongst others to co-create work that responds to shared concerns.”
See Victoria’s work in the GRADUATE EXHIBITION Photography, Fine Art Honours, MFA, & Art in Public Space at RMIT city campus, 5-10 Dec 2023.
@rmit_art @rmitphoto @rmitstudentlife @rmit_art_in_public_space @rmit_gold_and_silversmithing @rmitceramics @rmit_paintingstudio @rmit.drawingstudio @rmit_print_studio @rmituniversity #rmitgrad23 #rmitart #graduation #gradshow #rmit #art #photography #studyphotography #studyart #studentprofile

Sunday 3 December: Honours graduate spotlights

spotlight on fine art honours graduate

Jessica Phillips – RMIT School of Art Graduates

Jessica Philips, Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Honours), has created a powerful immersive installation titled ECHO.

“Named for the Oread, one’s reflection is infinitely duplicated and fractured upon entering the work, as they are simultaneously aware of invisible onlookers who can see clearly through its walls. This creates a powerful imbalance between the watchers and the watched that I endeavor to capture throughout my practice.
Light is reflected, scattered, interrupted, and absorbed in perpetuity, just as perceptions of self and other are when confronted with the fragility between their distinction. Barriers erected, their walls invisible yet confining, as bodies move through the space they dictate, their permeability risks exposure.
The abject quality of the moving figure reestablishes a connection with the body, eliciting real, visceral reactions, forcing the viewer to decide if they want to lean in or repel themselves. The ‘alien’ bodies exude a strange familiarity, a body part that can’t be placed or a movement almost resembling a daily ritual, confronting notions of the ‘other’ body.” @_jaepeggy_

image: Jessica Phillips, ‘ECHO’, 2023

See Jessica’s work in the GRADUATE EXHIBITION: Photography, Fine Art Honours, MFA, & Art in Public Space at RMIT city campus, 5-10 Dec 2023.
@rmit_art @rmitphoto @rmitstudentlife @rmit_art_in_public_space @rmit_gold_and_silversmithing @rmitceramics @rmit_paintingstudio @rmit.drawingstudio @rmit_print_studio @rmituniversity #rmitgrad23 #rmitart #graduation #gradshow #rmit #art #photography #studyphotography #studyart #studentprofile

spotlight on photography honours graduate

Ryley Clarke – RMIT School of Art Graduates

Ryley Clarke, 'dark signs of a red summer's shadow', 2023

We are obsessed with the work of BA Photography Honours graduate Riley Clarke. Discussing his work on, he writes “DARK SIGNS OF A RED SUMMERS SHADOW is a photographic narrative that draws on the conventions of documentary practice, to reflect upon the interrelated experiences of young adults living through a time of heightened uncertainty. In this unfolding moment of social, economic, political, and environmental crisis, young adults have found their transition into adulthood interrupted. The pandemic throughout 2020-2021, arrested the flow of time towards adulthood. The uncertainty precipitated by inaction on climate change, ongoing wars, the tension of further economic issues, racial and social discrimination, has contributed to a sense of apprehension for the future.” @ryleyclarke

See Riley’s work in the GRADUATE EXHIBITION Photography, Fine Art Honours, MFA, & Art in Public Space at RMIT city campus, 5-10 Dec 2023.

@rmit_art @rmitphoto @rmitstudentlife @rmit_art_in_public_space @rmit_gold_and_silversmithing @rmitceramics @rmit_paintingstudio @rmit.drawingstudio @rmit_print_studio @rmituniversity #rmitgrad23 #rmitart #graduation #gradshow #rmit #art #photography #studyphotography #studyart #studentprofile


20-26 November: Exhibition 1 coverage 

Monday 20 November 

Updates from the preparations for Exhibition 1 

Tuesday 21 November (Opening Night) 

Post live updates and photos from the Opening Night & Awards Ceremony of Exhibition 1. 

Live stream opening ceremony tbc

Share attendees’ reactions and comments. 

Wednesday 22 November

Post a recap of Exhibition 1, including highlights, award winners, and memorable moments using images from opening night photographer. Remind about opening hours; thank attendees and artists.

post about winner of library award RMIT University Library Art Prize Zach Edwards – RMIT School of Art Graduates

Congratulations Zach Edwards on being the inaugural recipient of the RMIT University Library Art Prize! The award was announced by David Howard, Executive Director of Library Services at RMIT University. Zach, a member of the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Drawing Studio, receives the award in recognition of his remarkable soft sculpture work ‘My Lawyer the Bus Stop’.

“Currently, in my practice, I have been creating replicative soft sculptures of real-world, mundane objects, as a way of exploring how a space can re-contextualise and change anything within it. Teetering between fine and street art realms, the sculptures evolve uniquely within both, bringing up themes of hierarchy, values of spaces, and what can be considered as art. The other aspect of my sculptures is the unseen, how they symbolise the things in life that go unnoticed and overlooked. These mundane objects are hardly considered in their real-world environments and yet have a large significance in contributing to cultures and their aesthetics. Re-envisioned as an art piece within a gallery space, the objects now encourage viewers to see the unseen, to look at the mundane, and to have a deeper consideration.

Central to this project is the construction of a one-to-one scale bus stop in my soft sculpture style. It encapsulates all the aspects mentioned above but expands upon the themes of the unseen. This structure represents freedom and choice for me; my early childhood years were challenging, and I found that all the systems in place that were designed to protect me, never actually took what I wanted into consideration. I felt unseen, overlooked, and ignored. I was just another mundane thing to them and was never given a second thought. Pleading for what I wanted did nothing. It wasn’t until I was able to catch the bus home from school that I made my own choice, my own action. This is what My Lawyer the Bus Stop represents for me.” @trashcaz

See Zach Edwards’ work in the GRADUATE EXHIBITION: Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) at RMIT city campus, 21-26 November 2023.
@rmit_art @rmitphoto @rmitstudentlife @rmit_art_in_public_space @rmit_gold_and_silversmithing @rmitceramics @rmit_paintingstudio @rmit.drawingstudio @rmit_print_studio @rmituniversity #rmitgrad23 #rmitart #graduation #gradshow #rmit #art #photography #studyphotography #studyart #studentprofile

Thursday 23 November  

post photos of graduates staffing the exhibition and reminder of opening hours. it’s a School of Art community event that requires all hands on deck. Use images from opening night photographer.

Friday 24 November

Reminder of Friday late night opening hours using images from opening night photographer.

Saturday 25 November

Reminder about weekend opening hours using images from opening night photographer.

Sunday 26 November

Reminder about final day and opening hours using images from opening night photographer. And include reminder about exhibition 2 opening 5 Dec – back in 9 days to do it again – installation next week.

December 4 – 10: Exhibition 2 coverage 

Monday 4 December

Updates from the preparations for Exhibition 2.

Tuesday 5 December (Opening Night) 

Post live updates and photos from the Opening Night & Awards Ceremony of Exhibition 2. 

Live stream opening ceremony tbc

Share attendees’ reactions and comments

Wednesday 6 December

photos from the installation and reminder of opening hours

Post a recap of Exhibition 1, including highlights, award winners, and memorable moments. 

thank attendees and artists. 

Thursday 7 December

photos of graduates staffing the exhibition and reminder of opening hours. its a School of Art community event that requires all hands on deck

Friday 8 December

reminder of Friday late night opening hours

 Saturday 9 December

reminder about weekend opening hours

Sunday 10 December

reminder about final day opening hours

Monday 11 December

video of deinstall – its a wrap for 2023 Graduate Exhibitions.

thank you to staff and students for support – a massive community project

reminder that graduate profiles site remains live

Throughout the promotion, make sure to engage with our community by responding to comments, asking questions, and encouraging them to share their own experiences and anticipation for the exhibitions.  

Fyi 2022 social media content here and photos from the 2022 exhibitions and openings are here