Analyze the practice of immersive theater in small cities of China
——Case study “Youjian Pingyao”

The Chinese performing arts market has been developing at an unprecedented rate in recent years, providing more choices for people’s spiritual life. Many performance groups and companies are exploring some new ways to attract the attention of the audience, and some emerging performance types and styles have emerged. Immersive theater gradually enters the lives of the public and gradually prevailed in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. And for many small cities, immersive theater seems a bit strange to the local people. This project focuses on the analysis of small cities and discusses the practice of immersive theater in small cities. First of all, this project analyzes the reasons why the development of the performing arts industry is not popular in small cities from three aspects. Secondly, this project discusses whether it is feasible in small cities through the analysis of immersive theater. This project also combines actual case “Youjian Pingyao” from China to analyze its practice. Finally, according to the analysis conclusion, three recommendations are put forward for small cities in other regions.

‘Youjian Pingyao’

This video records the scene of an ancient Chinese street market, and the audience walks through this atmosphere to experience and interact with the performers. But such excellent works happened in an unknown small city in China, which is a model of the success of immersive drama in a small city.

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Boyu Zhang