Recipient of the Megalo Graduate Residency Program and Open Bite Student Association Travel Award.



My practice for the last decade has been in graphic design. However, after moving to Melbourne from Finland at the beginning of 2020, I translated my artistic vision into the medium of printmaking, continuing to transform it into an exploration of print and installation. My recent work questions the notions of interference and memory within society, intending to replicate the experience of alienation and seeking to be a tribute to the unpredictability of life.

My current work, Where the Ocean is the Sky I & II, consists of artworks exploring print and installation, embracing and examining the interference that occurs when technology and nature exchange properties—rational and random patterns interpenetrate, and regular structure produces irrational effects. A core visual element is the moiré effect; image interference between two or more superimposing patterns or grids at different angles that clash, creating a wavy interference pattern. 

My work experiments with blurring the boundaries between natural and artificial phenomena and how the digitally created moiré effect can resemble natural patterns. Screen printing, video, sound recordings of myself speaking in my native Finnish language, light, shadow and resonances on a liquid surface are used to capture and create moiré patterns and their live surface responses. The work investigates the concept of not belonging through the lens of ‘inside(r)’/’outside(r)’ in the form of illusion and interference, drawing on my personal experience of isolation and alienation as a Finnish national living in Melbourne during extended COVID lockdowns.

A photo of an installation with shadows of moiré pattern on the walls and a small pool with water
Soile Paloheimo, Where the Ocean Is the Sky I, 2022, installation view, details.

Where the Ocean is the Sky I – documentation

Photo of the artist holding acrylic disks with prints against white wall
Soile Paloheimo, Testing the moiré shadows, 2022.


Where the Ocean is the Sky II, 2022, Video iteration 1



Untitled, 2022, Video installation (Documentation)


Note: In all the videos, the sound is designed for a low-frequency range to be played with a subwoofer. A headset, earbuds or a speaker capable of low frequencies is required to experience it fully.

The words used in the soundtrack of the videos, in order of appearance: koti (home), rakkaus (love), ystävyys (friendship), perhe (family), etäisyys (distance), muistot (memories), ikävä (longing), ulkopuolisuus (outsiderness), eristyneisyys (isolation), vahvuus (strength), heikkous (weakness), voimattomuus (powerlessness), hukassa (lost), menetys (loss).



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Soile Paloheimo