Recipient of the Walkers Ceramics Award.


Kerrin Samuel is a multimedia ceramic artist who creates artworks that explore the human experience. She draws inspiration from observations of contemporary culture, politics, geopolitics and religion which she sees as powerful vehicles for her social commentary.

Her research combines olfactory, visual and auditory senses as well as light and technology—including QR codes, NFTs and Augmented Reality (AR)—with the artisanal craft of ceramics, thus taking her three-dimensional clay sculptures into the fourth dimension.

In QR Me (Sounds like “Cure me!), versions of Victorian-era porcelain pillboxes were made contemporary with working QR codes in reference to the the context of a global pandemic, with links to articles about pills taken for some of the many ramifications of Covid-19 including anxiety, depression and vitamin D deficiency.

Kerrin’s current work, Ode to Joy and Resilience consists of a full range of decorative ceramic techniques that include glazes, underglazes, lustres, glass melting, and decals. Depicting a copious abundance of flowers (both realistic and abstract), her sculptures exude a sense of joy on the back of fragility, metaphorically demonstrating the human desire for happiness but also how easily the spirit can break and shatter.  Utilising floriography (the language of flowers), scent and semi-abstraction, the flowers are her offering of pleasure against the melancholy, loss and heaviness of recent times.

Kerrin was recently a finalist in the 2022 Muswellbrook Art Prize, North Queensland Ceramics Award and the Wyndham Art Prize.  One of her works was the only ceramic artwork selected for the online exhibition of the Lethbridge Landscape Prize Salon Des Refusés (2022).


Works in progress and completed porcelain artworks
Kerrin Samuel with her works in progress and maquettes in the studio, 2022.  Her works are titled Letting in the Light and Ode to Joy and Resilience.
Highly detailed porcelain floral shapes
This is a work in progress which will incorporate fragrance and sound on completion.
Work in progress
Porcelain flora-inspired work in progress which is part of a series and will be completed with underglazes, multiple glaze techniques, nostalgic floral decals, lustre and glass and which will require five firings in the kiln.
Densely floral like sculpture in progress
Kerrin’s densely floral sculptures depict real and abstracted floral structures and she incorporates floriography (the language of flowers) references in her work.
Highly decorative floral organic sculpture inside a kiln
Porcelain sculpture (from the Ode to Joy and Resilience series) about to be bisque fired – the first of five firings for different ceramic material surface treatments.
Victoria floral pillboxes hand built with QR codes on lids
Kerrin Samuel, QR Me (Sounds like “Cure Me”), 2022, 5 cm x 28cm x 24 cm. Hand-built interactive Victorian (Industrial Revolution) inspired pillboxes that are made contemporary in the midst of a Tech boom by incorporating working QR codes that link the pillboxes to articles about the pills designed to go inside them.
These four sculptural floral columns are part of a series of sculptures that incorporate floriography (the language of flowers)..
Four sculptural porcelain floral columns (works in progress for the Letting in the Light series) that can accommodate candles and/or LED lights as well as fragrance.
The brightly coloured and patterned sculptural column is designed to evoke a sense of joy.
Porcelain work in progress (Letting in the Light) being painted with high fire underglaze.
Intensely coloured floral details both realistically inspired and abstracted show flowers that all carry their own meaning. However, all the flowers’s meanings are open to interpretation.
Porcelain detail (Letting in the Light) with glaze and underglaze inspired by the many places Kerrin has called home.


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Kerrin Samuel