Recipient of the BDS Sculpture Prize.


COMFORT IN THE FEAR is a work exploring the relationship we, as humans, have with our childhood, and how as we grow into adults we change to see what was once a familiar comfort has mutated into an uncanny horror. This work is inspired by the collection of horror-based media aimed at children. Whether as books, films or video games, this kind of media has influenced me to create these lovably scary sculptures. The work consists of a number of vibrantly coloured, large-scale soft toys created to invoke an uncanny yet nostalgic feeling within its audience.

Hello! My name is Jemma and I am a Naarm, Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist currently working within the realm of soft sculpture. If you love indie horror games, animated films/series or are looking to reconnect with your inner child, I might be able to help. My artwork engages with childhood nostalgia, uncanny/horror theory, internet culture and animated media, rendering a three-dimensional experience for all ages. 

I’ve been creating art ever since I can remember. It’s a creative output for those who might not feel as if they have always fit in. I aim to create work for those who might not see their interests in contemporary art spaces; making work that can be loved by all ages. Sculpting came later in my practice as a way of breaking out of a two-dimensional surface and challenging myself to learn new skills. Over the last three years, during this degree, I’ve been able to find deeper meaning in my work as well as having explored new exciting mediums such as material-based sculpture. I’ll always work towards creating new and exciting works, growing my community and having fun. I hope you will join me on my journey into the future.

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Jemma Prescott