Recipient of the BDS Sculpture Prize.



I am an aspiring sculptural and installation-based artist located in Kulin country, Melbourne Australia. I will soon be graduating with my Bachelor of Fine Art, specialising in Sculpture at RMIT. I have previously exhibited work at RMIT Design Hub as part of The Big Anxiety Festival.

I work primarily with casting processes to replicate and create impressions of the body and natural elements. Largely influenced by traditional sculptural methods, I use plaster, bronze, and organic materials within my work. As such I draw inspiration from the history of the body and its gendered framework. With a specific interest in the representation within the Classical Antiquity period with a strong emphasis on female narratives. 

My work Beneath Daphne investigates womanhood, exploring stagnancy and alienation in connection to the body through sculpture. Within the artwork, I explore themes of time, human connection, and our bodily experiences, with a particular interest in female narratives. 

This project looks at networks and structures in parallel to the body and environment.—assembling and binding together tree branches to create my own system, integrating cast plaster body parts. Themes of life and death, and growth and decay are disrupted, and the cast elements and fragmented parts materialise the feeling of inevitability, whilst the lack of wholeness and identity within the work aims to express this notion of changeability, breaking down barriers between self and others.

Alice Jordan, Beneath Daphne, 2022.

Alice Jordan, Beneath Daphne, 2022.

Alice Jordan, Beneath Daphne, 2022.

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Alice Jordan