Koodak Award for the Highest Academic Achievement in Third Year Gold & Silversmithing — Donor Mr Gabriel Ripka.



By focusing on the use of materials possessed with an honest simplicity, together with a deep-seated respect for nature and the environment, my practice seeks to draw attention to the inequitable value systems traditionally used to measure material worth.

Curious to know how the use of the discarded and transient might speak to the huge ethical and environmental problems that today’s mass consumerism imposes on our planet and its finite resources, At What Cost aims to highlight the notion that material worth and significance can be re-evaluated.

With the creation of a series of ten wearable purses using traditional jewellery-making materials including gold and silver, combined with a range of discarded textiles, my aim is to focus discussion on the now outdated, yet conventionally held values, historically attached to materials such as precious metals and humble cloth.

Sarah Lockey, At What Cost, 2022, sterling silver, steel, found mattress ticking.
At What Cost 2022, process, electro-formed copper, found textile.
Sarah Lockey, At What Cost, 2022, process, electro-formed copper, found textile.


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Sarah Lockey