I have slowly slipped into the life of an immigrant since 2017 when I started studying in New Zealand—then attending university in Melbourne from 2020 to 2022, where I will be graduating at the end of the year, and finally moving to England. Through these years of moving from country to country, and being more exposed to Western cultures and communities that explore and acknowledge mental health and queer theories, I have begun to find a greater sense of self through these years. As someone who grew up in a religious Chinese family in Hong Kong, mental health and exposure to queer culture is almost blacklisted for discussion. This project is a visual representation of my personas—the good, the anxious, and the closeted ones.

oil painting on canvas with artist's past, present and future portraits of herself
Yonah Ma (Curseye), Past Present Future, 2022, oil painting on canvas.


4 illustrations on paper, each depicts an aspect on the artist's life of being an immigrant
Yonah Ma (Curseye), Immigrant, 2022, pens and copic markers on paper.


Multimedia installation of chest in the corner of the room, with fabric and tin foil tentacles branching out into the space.
Yonah Ma (Curseye), The Purple Immigrant, 2022, multimedia installation.

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Yonah Ma (Curseye)