Black and white set of draws, mirror and cat made out of paper in a dim lit room
Christine Murray, Memory: Remembrance Dressing, 2022.

Christine Murray (she/her) is an object-based artist trained in gold & silver smithing with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) at RMIT. She has also completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts majoring in Animation and Digital Culture (Deakin University).

Murray has a particular interest in making objects that look as if they are made from a different material than they actually were. Whether that is perspex sandblasted to take on the appearance of sea glass, or soap that looks like depression and vaseline glass. She also incorporates the use of popular culture references as a shorthand to convey concepts with nuance and different themes.

Murray’s current work is a comment on the ideas of memory, memento and the ephemeral. These three interplay with, and enhance, each other. For example, how mementos gain importance through the remembrances of a moment or event; how memory has a power and strength as well as a fluidity and fleeting. Mementos rely on memories to keep them alive and relevant and can become disconnected and forgotten with the ephemeral nature of time and memories.

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Christine Murray