Internal dialogue, self-image, grotesque, gothic, infested, decay, temporality, memento mori, bodily and paradox are words and phrases that could describe my work. Through a self-reflective lens, I use oil painting, drawing and sculpture as a visual language to explore themes, ideas and subjects that interest me, or that are relevant to my life. Oil painting is my primary mode of creation, but due to my desire to find a way to use the language of other mediums, I equally explore sculpture and drawing. This is particularly for their ability to speak in a way that painting can’t. 

The subject matter of my painting changes, as is the nature of a self-reflective and intuitive art practice, and I often gravitate towards painting to convey my personal ‘voice’ and perspective. This includes representing details of my hands, legs, and face—or the inside of my mouth. I enjoy painting the body from a formal perspective, but also as a conveyor of feelings and ideas that I incur throughout life, as a way of reflecting on the temporality and cognisance of mortality that we all experience.   


a photo of a miniature oil painting lit up in a spotlight on the wall. the painting is a still life, objects arranged on the corner of a wooden table. In the foreground there is a brown spherical crystal overshadowed by a blue hand with two rings on two fingers.

a photograph of two paintings of the same size hung on the wall in a spotlight. the painting on the right is 'my dreams aren't in neon' and the painting on the right is 'my dreams are of spiders'

a photograph of a painting of 11 different self portraits.

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Claudia Ridgway