IMAGINATIVE EXPLORATION OF CREATIVITY is an interactive video installation that explores the potential of our imagination and the human ability to think. Through the use of video projection, sculptural objects and audience participation, I invite my viewer to join the conversation and reflect on their own creativity.

I’m a passionate lover of creativity, a curious artist and the founder of BFreak Project—a creative online space designed to inspire and educate ambitious creators from around the world. I came to Melbourne as an exchange student from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, however, I grew up in Poland. I’m interested in creative thinking, biographies of geniuses, the human brain and the exploration of our true potential. In my art practice, I love experimentation, following my imagination and inspiring my audience. My dream is to start a global creative revolution where extreme creativity will become a norm and we’ll finally understand our brains.

Exploration of True Potential (2022)

Creation in studio (2022) 


Jakub Stadnik