On a cold snowy night deep in the Canadian forest, a converted yellow school bus stood. Inside, a blow-up pool with my young New Zealander mother and Welsh father, as they watched me come into the world. This bus continued as our home as we travelled the West Coast of America for warmer weather, settling in Mexico. Off on another adventure at the age of three, my mother and I moved to New Zealand, and four years later we migrated to Australia. After gaining a younger sister, at the age of thirteen, teenage, too-cool-for-school-Mythra protested loudly as we moved again, this time to Bali, Indonesia where my family still live.

Both, neither, in-between. I belong nowhere. I belong to a liminal space created from my own experiences and memories of home. A reflection, a shadow of a place with no fixed location. Let me immerse you in a space outside of linear time.  Slow down for a moment and sit with me in this void of non-belonging.




Studio view. Large scale painting on the left depicting a figure holding a floating child. Set in a misty landscape

Artist portrait, Mythra standing next to her artworks

studio view, showing artworks on the wall, desk

Mythra painting a large painting depicing a larger than life body underwater

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Mythra Sage