Recipient of the NAVA Ignition Prize.



This research project uses temporary public artworks and multi-dimensional methods to foster embodied and symbiotic relationships between the human, the environment and nature. The research utilises different forms of public artwork to sensitively engage with nature to encourage active reflection and emphasise symbiotic relationships with the non-human.

Visual media and temporary public art have the potential to observe, change, and guide the way people look at nature. It can encourage people to explore the interdependence between nature, culture, and people. As such, this research has three key parts. Firstly, the collection of different views and perspectives from the surrounding citizens to create an archive of social media clips and camera footage that explores different perspectives and experiences of nature. Secondly, a series of posters that trigger peoples’ thinking about nature in public space, inspiring people to observe nature from a new angle and trigger different aspects of thinking to change the way we see and understand the nature around us. And finally, different kinds of significant temporary public artworks that are designed to stimulate peoples’ awareness of environmental problems, and create an emotional affinity and empathy for the natural environment.

With dialogue with nature as its theme, and using the artworks to convey the concept of symbiosis between people and the natural environment, the project encourages people to have a conversation with nature.

Yidan Fang, #citynaturespace photo, Museo Spazio Pubblico / Public Space Museum, Bologna, Italy, 03/04/2022, 2022.
Yidan Fang, Dialogue with nature logo, APS, 2021.
Yidan Fang, What is NATURE, APS, 2021.
Yidan Fang, Painted lanterns, APS, 2022.
Yidan Fang, Painted lanterns [installation view – Argyle Square, Melbourne], 2022.
Yidan Fang, Living City Design Render image 01, APS, 2022.
Yidan Fang, Living City Design Render image 02, APS, 2022.
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Yidan Fang