My name is Deanna Versace. I’m an emerging artist in Australia who uses the pronouns she/her. I have been part of the RMIT institution for four years, completing my bachelor’s degree in printmaking. I had the opportunity to participate in workshops in life drawing, painting and photography. My practice is influenced by psychological emotions that represent personal and symbolic meaning. The symbol in my work is a photographic image of a horse taken in 2019 which represents my grandfather/nonno’s horse ranch. The horse theme has been used in screen prints, inkjet prints and lino prints.  This theme is a very emotional part of my practice due to his passing away this year as a result of suicide. This theme will is explored through inkjet prints of images with other horse images, showing the loss and grief that pervades the horse ranch. This work will also be contextualised alongside important artworks throughout the history of screen printing that use images of horses to represent strength and power.


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Deanna Versace