Lover, You Should’ve Come Over [diptych], 2022, ink and acrylic on stretched canvas, 90cm x 90cm.


SENSE OF SELF is an exploration of identity through spirituality, symbolism, colour and connection with mother nature. It involves heavily intuitive mark-making, painting and process, which can be swayed by the themes I want to cover in each work. Spending time in nature has heavily influenced my practice as well as my personal life. The way we treat mother earth and the way we can interact and challenge in a healthy medium. Using my main discipline—drawing—to expand upon these ideas as a starting point, I then introduce intuitive mark-making, creating something on a larger scale. Using art forms is a means to convey a sense of one’s self expressing emotion and trauma, a way of healing and releasing ideals of a better way of thinking and mind-set, pulling on senses of spirituality through a mixed medium approach. An insider on the mental struggles of trying to balance life and using art as an escape, the raw true emotion shines through, while subjectively my work is colourful, playful, in reality it’s a lot more complex to the naked eye.

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Grace Wright