My Practice is a continuous cycle of making and material exploration, approaching each new work with curiosity and play. This body of work consists of various painting-and-textile wall works that sit alongside small-scale ceramic sculptures. Through the juxtaposition of material and form, these works become caught in a space between solid and soft, transparent and opaque, flat and sculptural. My work explores how these qualities overlap and respond to each other, finding contrast or harmony. I am interested in creating a material language in which a sculpture can sit alongside a painting and set up new formal relationships. Working in an intuitive way, I find my process is a constant conversation between where my movements lead and where the material wishes to go.


Studio Wall, Paintings and Textiles, 2022
Studio wall, works in progress, 2022.
'What I remember' (closeup), Oil, acrylic and stained cotton on canvas, 2022
Hannah Hall, What I remember [detail], 2022, oil, acrylic and stained cotton on canvas.
Studio Wall, Paintings and ceramic objects, 2022
Studio Wall, paintings and ceramic objects, 2022.
Studio Window, Paintings and ceramics, 2022
Studio Window, paintings and ceramics, 2022.
'Quiet Objects', Glazed ceramic and thread, 2022
Hannah Hall, Quiet Monuments II & III, 2022, glazed ceramic and thread.






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Hannah Hall