This project looks at the busy mind as author—in the dialogue between the author and the viewer, between the internal and external. The work functions as a gateway between the two, as a means of conversation. This project is made up of several large drawings that communicate with each other, the viewer and the creator.

Studio at the beginning, 2022.
Clothesline installation, pre-Un… derrrr… standing…, 2022.
Studio shot at the end of semester one, 2022.

Dialogue, inner dialogue, the mind, conversation, the viewer, the human/lived experience, pop culture, the internet, mental health. Each of these is a puzzle piece of ideas and fragments that make up my work—the puzzle pieces that come together. My work functions when the viewer puts the pieces together. By themselves the pieces are not notable, but come together to build a story. Unlike a puzzle however there is not one outcome, there are many different ways in which the image is formed for the viewer. The viewer is able to take certain pieces that they connect with and build their own narrative. This connects the viewer into the work with their personal history and lived experience. The work comes from the world, from the human experience, produced through my own interaction with the inner and outside world. In modern life we are fed so much information, so much popular culture, so much unnecessary information to hold onto. But it is too much information, too much for the mind to hold. I need to let it go, placing it out of my mind, in a place that is digestible. I put this information, this experience on the page and through this, conversation and dialogue is formed. The dialogue connects myself with the world and the viewer. The artwork has a strong emphasis on text, continuing the ideas of communication and dialogue. Like communication, the text is not always clear and legible—it reads as text, but it can be too busy to decipher. Too busy like the mind, too busy that information is lost. On the other hand some text is legible, reoccurring, and has a stronger presence in my mind, so it plays a larger part on the page. Maybe the text is prominent, but it can still appear nonsense. The internet feeds us so much nonsense pop culture again and again. It is drilled into my mind. Putting it on the page helps me consume it properly, so it is able to pass my mind. Mental health comes into play through the creation of this art, the action of myself creating this work is in a form, self care. A way to sift through my mind, a way to better understand myself and the world. In its most reduced form, this work is a reflection of life, a reflection of living. This work is understanding. A way for me to understand life.


Harry McCumiskey