I was, I am is a textual and painterly exploration of neurodivergence and queerness. The ideas of facets of one’s being are always present, inseparable from childhood to adulthood.

I was, I am utilises striking text, delicate portraits and children’s toys to evoke the young autistic perspective.

Text that is confrontational in size, direct wording and colour, is contrasted with light, delicate portraits. Seeking to encapsulate the truth with children’s faces within their soft demeanour. Both facets are combined with the inclusion of a plethora of children’s toys from their own collection, adding colour, texture and a greater sense of personality.

Indigo seeks to reject the ideas that one cannot be born gay, or non-binary. Furthermore, the idea that there is a correct way to be autistic or even that there is a way to ‘look autistic’.

The combination of text with the childish imagery acts to subvert that these ideas are not developmental but instead inherited from birth.

Large Black text that reads “Found the words for my atypicality”, with a portrait of a surprised child and adorned with stuffed toys.
Indigo Krule, My Own Words, 2022, acrylic and toys on canvas.

Indigo Rule is a non-binary artist born in the suburbs of Naarm at the start of the new millennium. They explore their own traumas, autism and lesbianism through painting and text. This use of their lived experiences, allows for their work to both act as healing and while also celebrating parts of themself that were once a source of shame, pain or embarrassment.

These ideas of otherness has been a constant intertwining theme within Indigo’s work, exploring their lesbianism, non-binary gender and autism utilising painting. Travelling through the traumas of surviving a world that was not only not made for them but also often takes advantage of neurodivergent queer people.

Indigo is an emerging artist who is currently completing their final year of their RMIT Bachelor of Fine Art.

Artist at their desk, wearing headphones, playing with a fidget toy in one hand and writing with the other. There are toys in piles on the desk and in the background



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Indigo Krule (they/them)