Everyone has a different interpretation of marriage at different stages of their lives. Different cultures and family backgrounds also shape people’s view of marriage. Based on her culture and background, Jennifer presents her unique views and interpretations of marriages through printing and altered books. Marriage is not obligatory for most of us, yet it is an important decision. Jennifer will use her own perspectives in exploring the meaning of marriage, and also present her strongest feeling about marriage in her works.

The reason Jennifer uses marriage as her theme is because she is moving to a new stage of life with her partner. She would want to express her feelings and thoughts about marriage between now and 2023, the year she will get married. As this is an ongoing project, she will also use this to explore the meaning of the marriage, to seek her right attitude in facing the marriage.


Altered Book
Jennifer Wu, Marriage, 2022.


JOY-block print
Jennifer Wu, Marriage, 2022.


Jennifer Wu, Marriage, 2022.


Jennifer (QiQian) Wu.



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Jennifer Wu