I’m Kasandra Hendy, and I’ve lived here in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia my whole life. I’m 22 years old (b. 3/8/2000), and I’m almost at the end of my study of Fine Arts at RMIT University (majoring in Printmaking). At present in my practice, I’ve been delving into environmental themes. I think of myself as a mixed-media artist, I’m always experimenting with various materials and techniques. Art has always been my main passion, and I just can’t wait to keep exploring sustainable ways of creating. Anything from printmaking, sculpture, drawing, bookbinding, sewing – I love it all. Give me organised chaos!

This mixed-media installation of variable size is being constructed during the last semester of my bachelor’s degree. The finished flowers will be portable, making them adaptable to various spaces. It’s being prepared for my final graduate year exhibitions and works as a response to research I did into the effects of global warming, on colour pigment in flowers. The work explores the necessity of colour for pollinating insects. Installed with set lighting, the project hopes to convey a sense of dystopia, confusion, and foreshadowing. Utilising shadow, the intention is to depict the disarray bees would feel due to the altered hues of the petals. How can the bees spot a vibrant flower to pollinate if they can’t see it properly?

photograph of plastic flower sculpture
Kasandra Hendy, DYSTOPIA IN THE WORLD OF FLORA, 2022, photography experimentation with lighting and editing. Trial concept 3—made entirely out of recycled plastics, paper straws, super glue, and acrylic paint.


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Kasandra Hendy