Recipient of the Dean’s Award for Excellence, Master of Arts (Arts Management).



This research project examines practice-based research as a topic within a contemporary arts context. In it, practice-based research is recognised as a complex and interdisciplinary methodology able to address what other research methodologies may not sufficiently be able to. An ability to clearly articulate the possibilities and value of practice-based research—its unique and information-rich processes, practices, outcomes and artefacts—is identified as being of significant relevance to arts managers.

Presented as a text document with visual supplements (including a glossary and two essays—the second essay tracing the development of the body of work titled ‘Held within heart and hands’ within my own studio-based practice), this research project investigates the challenges that may be encountered when communicating practice-based research and the opportunities presented in recognising practice-based research as a valuable research methodology.


Digital collage of a floral composition including roses, rose hips, and rose stems arranged within two clay vessels
Kit Scott, Held in heart and hands (04), 2022, digital collage.
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Kit Scott