My work relates to aspects of Pop Art and incorporates elements of painting, drawing, photography and collage through the subject matter of portraiture. My practice approaches aspects of traditional portraiture, such as the materiality of oil painting and coloured pencil, whilst depicting it with a modernised twist. Recently, I have been conveying this by using various techniques to fragment portraits of people I know, more specifically those who are within the drawing studio. Through creating these fragments, the works only exhibit crucial facial features which challenge the viewer to recognise and recall familiar individuals. Although these works only provide the viewer with a fraction of the individual, it allows them to gain a glimpse into the subject’s charisma, life and personality. Which are emphasised by not only the type of emotion being conveyed but also the specific colours used, since each individual consists of a different hue association based on their personality.


Series of fragmented portraits of inidividuals in the drawing studio
Series of fragmented portraits of individuals in the drawing studio, 2022.
Mia Kyritsis, Untitled, 2022, oil on wood panel, glass squares, 18cm x 22 cm.
Image of Mia working in her RMIT studio space
Image of Mia working on a series of fragmented portraits in her studio space.

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Mia Kyritsis