AT THE LIMIT OF SIGNIFICANCE is a body of paintings developed through subtle collections from what Bernard Spolski calls the ‘public linguistic space’, where the advertisements, graffiti, and overlapping voices of strangers combine to form the public linguistic landscape of a place in time. I am interested in the physical beauty of the unplanned compositions of utilitarian information that normally function only as a means of interaction and communication. Through abstraction to the point of illegibility, the works remain in flux, flexible to the infinity of ambiguity where I wish for them to exist in an ironic playfulness, moving just beyond what is already familiar. The city is a significant catalyst for these works. Its influence is present in the colour palettes, architectural concrete, stone walls, graffiti, and palimpsestic graphisms that characterise the works. They are diaristic and personal in the way they are attentive to our physical world. However, it is also my hope they rouse a sense of timelessness sitting somewhere between the ancient past and distant future.

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Moksha Richards