Olivia Roskovic, Pigeon cam 1, 2022.

I make work that anthropomorphises animals—namely pigeons—to showcase common negative feelings of anxiety and mental health in general.

Watching and being watched, we are all judging without knowing it all.

I create works that pose questions and have multiple meanings for whoever views them. I like to convey my messages in the form of illustrations, video works, paintings and sometimes sculpture. The various underlying sub-themes of negative human emotions such as denial, impulsiveness, fixation, nervousness and embarrassment, are all present in my works, all residing from my own experiences and others who are going through the similar states of mind.


Olivia Roskovic, It’s fine, 2022, graphite and fine-liner on paper.

Alongside the exploration of negativities, I developed a sense of humour in almost all works that softens the reality, and makes it easier to accept and understand the abundance of emotions people go through each day, therefore normalizing the experience.


Olivia Roskovic, Does this make my butt look big?, 2022, graphite and fine-liner on paper.

My illustrations all have captions at the bottom expressing the essential thought process of the pigeon in the composition. The eye, although tiny, directs you to where you must look.

My sculptures all gaze upon you as you judge what is in front of you—the anxiety of it all, the feeling of being watched as you make judgment—all feels exactly the way it feels for me and many others on a daily basis.

My videos make viewers feel even more uneasy—the shaky camera and the off-colour tones. It overwhelms and traps you….




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Olivia Roskovic