Studio image showing current explorations, 2022.


Reflecting the adolescent urge to document everything, my work is an act of noticing, collecting, and giving attention to the minute minutiae, the detritus of our culture and the beauty of the mundane, transforming each detail into a precious trinket, a secret totem. Utilising a lexicon of symbols and motifs I create spiritual, abstract mood boards, playing around with subtle contrasts and juxtapositions, filtering the world through my gaze. Vague and non-specific, I seek to capture the fleeting and the indefinable.

Amelia Spencer, DOGstar, 2022, oil on canvas board, 18in x 24in.
Amelia Spencer, Untitled, 2022, coloured pencil, papier mâché and grout on MDF board; Untitled, 2022, papier mâché and air dry clay. [Installation view]
Studio image showing current explorations, 2022.
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Amelia Spencer