Dance as art and choreology are the foundation of my current practice, looking at the relationship between personal movement style and visual aesthetic as the remnants of an artist left in their work.

Starting with structured improvisation or site-specific dance, I build collaged film works using digital manipulation techniques to adjust speed and composition. Along with this, I create digital collage works featuring small figures dancing or interacting with their environment in an isolated and curated space. These drawn figures are built off references of actual movements or used as references to create movements as a circular creative process.

Exploring this topic through these methods is my way of combining my dance training with my art and creating a way of exploring physicality and gesture. I aim to create a distance between audience and performer and separate their contexts. For this it is important for the dancer or figure to have a full presence and focus on their task as their only motivation. Leaving the audience with unanswerable questions is part of the intent of my work as I create self-contained environments.

Contemporary dance and art should walk hand in hand in a widely accessible and intriguing way to bring more movement to traditional art spaces.


Blurry photograph of a dancer in an empty room
Amelia Whiting, Mapping [film still], 2022.
Dance pushing against a wall in empty room
Amelia Whiting, Mapping [film still], 2022.

Amelia Whiting, Sand drifters purple, 2022, digital print.
bright coloured abstract collage with small figures
Amelia Whiting, Little dudes green, 2021, digital collage, 30cm x 30cm.

Figure covering their body with their arms while coloured lines are projected over them
Amelia Whiting, Projection [film still], 2022.
dancer under projected coloured lines
Amelia Whiting, Projection [film still], 2022.

Mapping, 2022

Replicate and Replace, 2022

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Amelia Whiting