THE FEMININE ART OF SHOOTING: the collision between fine art and firearms


My shooting is still.

Not violence, not fervour. 

My shooting is controlled breath as I kneel in the grass, surrounded by trees.

Millimetric adjustments of my cheek and shoulders to line up a distant pink dot.

My rifle moves up and down with my breath, and when I’m still enough,

I lightly tug the trigger.

Slowly, I stand and walk towards the pink dot;

Let’s see how close I got this time.


This project began with the ambition to reimagine targets as art objects with deliberate composition and colour—handmade originals instead of simply black lines printed on copy paper from a JPEG found on Google Images. Through the creative process, I came to see rifles as mark-making tools which allow me to place precise ruptures using powerful gestures. The Feminine Art of Shooting traces my progress as a markswoman, archiving my moments of stillness in painted objects. 


A target lined up in a scope
Beth Kay, Shooting Before Dinner with Friends; Through the Scope, 2022.
Pink and green geometric painting propped upright on decaying wood.
Beth Kay, Before Dinner with Friends 2022, synthetic polymer paint and pencil on canvas pierced by lead rifle projectiles, 30cm x 30cm.

I would like to thank fabricator and marksman Matthew Lindsay. Without his input this project would not have been possible.

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Beth Kay