Dan Su’s intuitive abstract painting explores the tensions that stir as we enter and pass through heightened emotions and states.

Beginning with a linen or canvas substrate, and employing the visual language of abstraction, Su uses broad bodily movements, emotionally-focused explorations of colour and form, the vastness of scale, and wet-on-wet application, to depict the dynamic emotional and cognitive spaces that extend between contrasting states.

In exploring the expanses that exist between certainty and confusion, sadness and joy, hope and despair, emotional engagement and indifference, trauma and healing, repression and self-reflection, Su depicts interactions between diverse affective states. She captures the rawness and honesty of intertwining living flows, active conflicts and recurrent resolutions.

Guided by an ongoing process of creative reflection that takes in personal and external spheres of experience, each work describes pathways that lead out of difficulty and disarray. Through these pure expressions of feeling, emotional journeys are transformed into a visual language that can be shared.


painting of imagine sky
Dan Su, Chaos after Sorrows, 2022.
Painting of a imagine sky
Dan Su, Chaos after Sorrows, 2022.

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Dan Su