INVITATION TO A MICROCOSMOS is an experiment into the documentation of singular experiences, moments and people in my everyday life. Images are built from photographs of friends, family and environments. This form, a kind of self-portraiture, captures elements of celebration and energy within moments whether unusual or mundane of personal experience. There is a cathartic element at play, and in this series, I focus on capturing moments of joy to balance the chaotic narrative playing out in my reality. I use colour theory and expressive mark-making to dynamically illuminate the narratives in my work.


Kate Driscoll, Nanna Twiggs Couch [in progress, studio view], 2022, Acrylic paint, oil pastels, pencil and paper on canvas.
Kate Driscoll, Anna Banana [in progress], 2022, Acrylic paint on canvas.

Kate Driscoll, Scrumptious Debris for Afternoon Tea, 2022, Scanograph.

I’m a third year Fine Art student. My art practice is multidisciplinary and consists of  painting, drawing, scanography, photography and assemblage . I assist in an art program for artists with disabilities at Prahran Learning Centre. I’m passionate about utilising art in communities to reduce isolation and empower participants to develop skills in a creative space.

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Kate Driscoll