Mayah Eden Lasky, also known as ‘Melasko’, is a multidisciplinary artist based in Naarm. Primarily exhibiting photography, film, and video installation, her work deconstructs stereotypes and misconceptions by employing a socially-engaged documentary practice. Recently, she has delved into topics such as body image, transnational identity, and diaspora. Her current project is focused on shining a spotlight on the experience of people with ADHD. Her practice develops by inviting her community to be part of a greater conversation to bring awareness and compassion by sharing their personal experiences. She creates work that can comfortably sit either in the gallery space or the cinema.


Mayah Eden Lasky, Round and round, the merry go go go go…ADHD!, 2022.

Four-channel immersive video installation and jazz extravaganza about ADHD. Presented at RMIT Graduation show, Nov 2022.



An experimental dance video, ‘Ale Dance Water’ 2022

Presented at ACMI, Nov 2022, and Inward Goods Festival, Nov 2022.

An excerpt from ‘Transnational Body image Aura’ 2022  Movement segment

Large-scale solo show including mixed-media portraits and video installations.

‘On the Paint’ 2021

Episode one from a four-part docu-series about body image. A long-form conversation paired with one-on-one basketball. A speaking about the complexities of body image, made during COVID-19 lockdowns.

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Mayah Eden Lasky