Oliver Brown (he/him, b.1997) is an experimental interdisciplinary artist who frequently works with sound, kinetic installation, and interactive media. He has a keen interest in (urban) ecologies and the interactions between humans, their technologies, and their natural environments. In particular, Brown often collects and transforms everyday or discarded objects, foregrounding serendipity and contingency in his (re)presentations of these mundane elements. Brown’s surreal, interactive works invite direct audience participation, and promulgate a radically egalitarian creative practice which asks rather than tells—which invites contributions rather than demanding reverence.

His Honours project, entitled DRiPPY, has used water as the abiding metaphor around which to assemble a multimedia exploration of vernacularity, humour, and networked interaction. DRiPPY culminates in two hybrid works: a generative kinetic installation with sculptural, sonic and text elements (installed June 2022), and a graphic, absurdist, text-based work which critiques the role of the academic exegesis in creative praxis.

Brown recently commenced PhD studies at the University of California, Irvine (USA).


  • Spread from graphic exegesis

  • Toothbrushes vibrating in a ceramic vessel

  • Manipulating the vibrating objects in water

  • Attachment point for green rope in adjacent tool shed

  • Various (unactivated) vessels (plastic, enamel, glass) with microphone

  • Spread from graphic exegesis

  • Glass and enamel vessels (unactivated)

  • Adjusting the network configuration

  • Interpenetration of different network regions

  • The attachment point (weighted by water bottles) for one end of the yellow region

  • Various suspended network elements

  • Spread from graphic exegesis

  • Intersections in the 2D plane of a 3D network

  • Contact microphone removed for repatching from glass vessel

  • A coiled blue rope at one end of the network

  • An umbrella-shaped network junction

  • A multi-region junction forms using a cheap laundry hanger (and rubber duck(s))

  • Shackled junction for red region

  • High-vantage view over some of the installation space




Manipulating the vibrating objects in water
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Oliver Brown